About The Castle



A story of joy, pain, tears, laughter, disappointment, fear, hope – and all the that characterize us as a nation.

Opened in1679, the Castle is the oldest surviving building in South Africa and has been the centre of civilian, political and military life at the Cape and the nation since.

161209. CAPE TOWN. The Castle of Good Hope on Friday the 9th of December 2016, held a national tribute in honour of three indigenous warrior-kings, their majesties King Cetshwayo kaSenzangakhona of amaZulu, King Langalibalele kaMthimkulu of amaHlubi, King Sekhukhune of BaPedi and Gorochougua clan freedom fighter and Khoe (khoisan) leader Doman all of whom, at different periods, were captured and incarcerated at the castle after having led various wars of resistance against the land and cattle dispossessions that ensued following the arrival of Dutch and later British settlers in South Africa. Picture Henk Kruger

Kings of the Castle

Statues of King Cetshwayo, Langalibalele, Sekhukhune and 17th century freedom fighter, Nommoä was unveiled in December 2016. The three kings had once languished in the Castle’s gloomy cells, and Nommoä had known first-hand the penalty of contesting the power that resided within it.



The Castle of Good Hope is rich in local history and heritage with magnificent architecture and views. We offer you a unique events experience… a venue with a difference and endless possibilities!

Whether you want to host an indoor or outdoor event, a trendy market, a wedding or end of year party, a banquet, a photo or film shoot; we can offer you a variety of options at affordable prices.

We are happy to assist with some ideas to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Contact our Events Manager on 071 940 1331 or events@castleofgoodhope.co.za for a quotation or to set up a site visit.

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It is that time of the year again: when over 2.4 billion Christians around the globe gather to celebrate one of the most significant periods on the religious calendar: Easter Weekend. This is closely followed by the Muslim Holy month of Ramadan, observed by more than 1.8 billion religious’ devotees. Together these two religions represent over half of the world’s population.

The Castle of Good Hope, now firmly positioned as one of the tangible bastions of religious freedom and expression, have various inter-faith and secular programmes to mark this period of inner-reflection, healing, hope and peace. You are most welcome to join us.

This year, Easter runs from 19 – 22 April, and is thus separated from our normal South African school holidays. So, in a sense the tourism industry has a double holiday season; something we are extremely grateful for. On Easter Sunday, we have an inter-religious prayer day, dubbed Resurrection Sunday. The week after Easter, we host one of our biggest markets and expos, the Ramadaan for All, festival. These festivals are of course interspersed with our normal tours, cannon firings, exhibitions and fun-days. I also hear that there might be an Easter Egg hunt for the kids and the young at heart!

But let me return to the universal messages represented by holy periods such as Lent, Pesach (Passover), Easter, Ramadan, Rosh Hashanah, Diwali and others.

Sadly, we live in a weird world where people inter alia use religion to divide, spread hatred, destroy, maim and kill; the recent shooting spree in the ironically named city of Christchurch, New Zealand serves as a stark reminder of this lunacy that besets our world.  No matter where we come from, we have a collective, moral responsibility to stop this madness.

We challenge every societal institution and individual to create platforms for dialogue and action (beyond words) towards religious, cultural, racial, social and ethnic tolerance. We cannot continue the current trajectory of self-destruction. Our world, our countries, our society, our communities our families yearn for reconciliation, healing, and hope.

One Christian commentator, Cathrine Margit Moller aptly states “It doesn’t matter whether we are Christians or not or whether we are believers or not. This message of hope should be meaningful in our desire towards living the fullness of our lives.”

May we all heed her simple words of wisdom and use this season as an opportunity for reflection, remembering, learning, healing and to usher in real hope, at the Castle of Good Hope…

Happy Holidays to all of us!