About The Castle



A story of joy, pain, tears, laughter, disappointment, fear, hope – and all the that characterize us as a nation.

Opened in1679, the Castle is the oldest surviving building in South Africa and has been the centre of civilian, political and military life at the Cape and the nation since.

161209. CAPE TOWN. The Castle of Good Hope on Friday the 9th of December 2016, held a national tribute in honour of three indigenous warrior-kings, their majesties King Cetshwayo kaSenzangakhona of amaZulu, King Langalibalele kaMthimkulu of amaHlubi, King Sekhukhune of BaPedi and Gorochougua clan freedom fighter and Khoe (khoisan) leader Doman all of whom, at different periods, were captured and incarcerated at the castle after having led various wars of resistance against the land and cattle dispossessions that ensued following the arrival of Dutch and later British settlers in South Africa. Picture Henk Kruger

Kings of the Castle

Statues of King Cetshwayo, Langalibalele, Sekhukhune and 17th century freedom fighter, Nommoä was unveiled in December 2016. The three kings had once languished in the Castle’s gloomy cells, and Nommoä had known first-hand the penalty of contesting the power that resided within it.



Our venues are available to hire to private and hallmark events or functions. We have a variety of sized rooms to suit your event and also hire out our courtyards.

Add some authentic South African heritage your next event at the Castle of Good Hope.


A symbol of hope

Every morning when I arrive at work, I have to remind myself what a huge privilege and honor it is to open the doors of the oldest, operating office in the country.

There is not a single day that is the same as the one before. Sometimes my early morning catching up on emails session is interrupted with the wild exciting laughter of hundreds of school kids running past my open window. On other days the inquisitive questions in heavy foreign accents and on others just deafening silence – as if the Castle is an island far away from the hustle and bustle the City of Cape Town. On other days, it is the sounds from the resident Egyptian geese competing with those of the not-so-resident starlings creating a cacophony of life and an ambience nowhere to be found.