Meet The Team

Calvyn Gilfellan

Calvyn Gilfellan : Chief Executive Officer

Calvyn has over 30 years of experience in tourism, training, academic research, marketing, consulting, public administration, strategic planning and governance. Calvyn is a natural leader and his ability to lead by always being the first to action makes a huge difference to those around him. He is responsible for the overall management of the Castle.


Mandla Ngewu

Mandla Ngewu : Chief Financial Officer

Mandla has experience in biochemistry, public sector finance, auditing and holds a directorship in a consultancy firm. He is responsible for finance, procurement, compliance and governance.


Faith Mtabati

Faith Mtabati : Events Manager

With project management as her forte, Faith brings all the required skill and know-how which enables her to run this very complex portfolio brilliantly. With her natural creative flair, she assists clients with unforgettable experiences and in the crazy world of events, her calm persona assists everyone around her to take that necessary breath. The manages all commercial events at the Castle and looks after the huge number of venues on site.


Azola Mkosana

Azola Mkosana : Heritage, Culture & Education Manager

As the Castle is declared a National Heritage site in 2016, Azola, plays a critical role to ensure the conservation and responsible use of the site. The Castle is fortunate to have him, as he previously worked at the South African Heritage Resources Agency and knows all the rules and regulations pertaining to the National Heritage Act. Azola is also responsible for all social programmes at the Castle with a focus on education, youth, women and military veterans.