Author: Castle of Good Hope


Legend of Isandlwana lives on

Zulu King Cetshwayo had been pushed into a war that he never wanted with England. Yet, the first battle of that conflict had the unlikeliest of outcomes, writes Dougie Oakes. Cape Town – The mood of the congregation was sombre as Bishop John William Colenso stepped up to the pulpit of the Anglican Church in […]


Interpreters’ flawed contracts with Dutch

Perceptive and suspicious by nature, Doman was the first of the Khoikhoi to recognise the danger the arrival of Van Riebeeck and his group, writes Dougie Oakes. In the 17th century, Dutch colonialists prided themselves on their ability to learn the languages of inhabitants of their conquered territories. But there was one language they couldn’t […]


Bastion of past conquests

Doman, the go-between and resister at the Cape during the incremental Dutch conquest, appears to have been misunderstood right from the start, says Michael Morris. The life of Doman, the go-between and resister at the Cape during the incremental Dutch conquest of the region in the late 1600s, was precarious and uncertain, and invariably misjudged […]


A warrior of grace, dignity

On December 6, four statues of kings and warriors will be unveiled to mark 350 years of the Castle of Good Hope. Here Michael Morris writes about Zulu king Cetshwayo. Cape Town – Victory has often come at a grave cost to kings and nations, and this much is doubtless true of Cetshwayo kaMpande, the […]


Discover Castle’s ghostly past

Cape Town – The Castle of Good Hope turns 350 this year – and to mark the occasion, the Independent Media group will take readers on an intriguing journey of discovery, with South Africa’s oldest existing building as its focal point. Over the years, the Castle has been many things to different people, a place […]


Cape’s bastion of history

A new project celebrates Cape Town Castle, 350 years old this year, and honours key figures in our past, writes Michael Morris. We can almost hear Zacharias Wagenaer’s voice in the words passed down to us in the record, and a hint of a surely improbable ambition of being remembered by history as a “somebody” […]


Spirit of Krotoa returned to the Castle of Good Hope

Cape Town- Traditional and religious leaders gathered in Cape Town on Friday to celebrate the life of Krotoa, a Khoi woman who was an instrumental interpreter and negotiator alongside Jan van Riebeeck. Gathered around a tree at the Groote Kerk, they burned an incense plant and beckoned for her soul to rise from the unmarked […]