About The Castle



A story of joy, pain, tears, laughter, disappointment, fear, hope – and all the that characterize us as a nation.

Opened in1679, the Castle is the oldest surviving building in South Africa and has been the centre of civilian, political and military life at the Cape and the nation since.

161209. CAPE TOWN. The Castle of Good Hope on Friday the 9th of December 2016, held a national tribute in honour of three indigenous warrior-kings, their majesties King Cetshwayo kaSenzangakhona of amaZulu, King Langalibalele kaMthimkulu of amaHlubi, King Sekhukhune of BaPedi and Gorochougua clan freedom fighter and Khoe (khoisan) leader Doman all of whom, at different periods, were captured and incarcerated at the castle after having led various wars of resistance against the land and cattle dispossessions that ensued following the arrival of Dutch and later British settlers in South Africa. Picture Henk Kruger

Kings of the Castle

Statues of King Cetshwayo, Langalibalele, Sekhukhune and 17th century freedom fighter, Nommoä was unveiled in December 2016. The three kings had once languished in the Castle’s gloomy cells, and Nommoä had known first-hand the penalty of contesting the power that resided within it.



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Calvyn Gilfellan – CEO: Castle of Good Hope

June is Youth Month in South Africa. We dedicate this month to the lives of thousands of young people who sacrificed life, limb and freedom for a free and democratic South Africa.

Whilst the learners and students were sweating it out in the Exam Rooms , the Castle was quietly readying itself for a heart-warming Winter holiday season (Summer holiday season in the Northern Hemisphere).

The hugely successful Cape Town Coffee Festival, adjacent to David Coulthard’s Redbull Racing event, literally kick started our season… and there is so much more to come.

On Friday, 13 June, an awe inspiring exhibition commemorating the first recorded rounding of the Cape 500 years ago, is opening.  It is dubbed “Elcano Crosses The Cape” and runs from 13 June to 12 July in the Castle’s Military Museum. Given that this is an event that radically changed trade, economic, social, cultural and technological relations in the world, it is a lesson in history that no one can afford to miss! The exhibition contains a rare collection on public view for the first time in this country.  This exhibition will whet your appetite for the other three museums within the Castle citadel.

The Castle offers guided tours led by an experienced guide 7 days a week. Three times a day there is a firing of an old cannon performed by the Cannon Association of South Africa. This is a legacy of the days when the signal cannon was used to indicate that a ship had been sighted at sea and to relay the message to the people inside the fort.

Twice a day, there is a key ceremony which showcases the unlocking of the Van der Stel entrance of the Castle of Good Hope by the ceremonial guards of the castle.

Hope to see you all at the Castle this Winter. Be safe and keep warm.