The Castle Control Board, a Schedule 3A Public Entity, is responsible for the overall management, maintenance and promotion of the Castle of Good Hope as a heritage site and tourism attraction. The Castle is the oldest building in South Africa.

In terms of this legislative mandate the organization is expected to provide a range of public services and goods on behalf of the Department of Defence and Military Veterans to local community members, tourists, learners, students, conservation agencies, exhibitors, performers, cultural organizations, traditional authorities, filming companies, event-organizers, military institutions and the like.



The Castle Control Board is a service-oriented public entity, striving to create an environment where national pride serves to:

  • Build an internationally known and recognised cultural and heritage brand for Ubuntu, dialogue, nation-building and human rights recognition;
  • Guarantee the development of a smooth functioning, self-sustaining, “must-see” iconic visitor and learner destination;
  • Optimises its tourism potential and accessibility to the public.



The Castle of Good Hope shall be a globally significant, truly accessible centre that showcases South Africa’s shared heritage.


Core Values

The Castle Control Board, in its management of the Castle of Good Hope, has committed to infuse its programmatic and other corporate activities with the following core values:

  • Service quality and excellence
  • Operate with honesty and dignity
  • Respect for the diversity in military, cultural and social history
  • Genuine partnerships and collaborative relationships
  • Community engagement and inclusivity
  • Fiscal responsibility, accountability, transparency and sustainability
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